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How Long Can You Go Without Futbol?

Published on September 13, 2013 by   ·   31 Comments

Watching it, playing it, hearing about it, reading about it? HMMM…
Or are we futbol junkies?

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  1. Stefy!? [OLE!] says:

    It’s kind of weird… I don’t realize to everyone around me starts nagging.. .Get home first thing we put on is the footy channels, In the car, when on the computer, when I’m with friends I’m always like put the game. And now my mom doesn’t even want to watch TV with me or my bro because we go back and forth between what we are watching and all the futbol channels… I can go a day? Maybe..

  2. soccercr says:

    i’ll die if i dont hear of soccer for a week

  3. cEcI[♥ memo] says:

    not even a second! i think about it, play it, or watch it 24/7

  4. k thom says:

    usually no more than a week , sometimes its nice to have a break.

  5. ♥Thaℓia: says:

    Lately soccer has really interested me and I find the games really exciting, especially Chivas games, so I would say not to long w/ out it!!!!!!!

  6. playmake says:

    I’m so hooked….. At home, I watch Fox Soccer Channel on my TV, in my car, I listen to the soccer channel on my Sirius Satellite Radio, at work, I spend my time between Yahoo answers,, and the various football rumors sites. It’s hopeless.

  7. BayBoss5 says:

    i went 1 day

  8. kiddieka says:

    ARe you talking about soccer or football? Football I can go like forever. But it isn’t that easie cause I am a cheerleader so I kinds need to if I want to stay on the squad. If I wasn’t I could maybe go about 2 weeks to about 5 months!

  9. Mimi :) says:

    …………..not very long! :)

  10. Chris EL Chiva Barca 49 says:

    Salvadorian league on goltv very funny bro ill give it to you but not very long i mean i like baseball,basketball, and football but soccer tops everything the only thing that even comes close is wrestling ,and skateboarding which r my second favs

  11. fide says:

    i cant live without soccer or chivas

  12. i ϟ a b ૭ |♥ says:

    i cant go a day without it on saturadys i wake up at 6 for my brothers games which is 3 of them which is all day and then we eat come home and watch more soccer on tv chivas game=] alot of soccer

  13. oswaldo ochoa says:

    a few minutes

  14. ★702_PlYr V!A★ says:

    um i would say like hour and fourty five minutes because in my high school it starts with in the morning and we always end up talking about the soccer games that happened the night before that. the only period that i dont talk about soccer is in my algebra and its because i dont have guy friends in their and the girls usually get bored of talking about soccer after like 5 minutes. dont even make me mension lunch of after school.SOCCER FIELD!!!then after that get home and turn to goltv, fox sports en espanol or fox soccer channel all the time. my mom gets mad at me porque no la dejo ver las thatz pretty funny…

  15. nightmar says:

    not even a day

  16. Rush22 says:

    Not Very Long! I’m hooked for life I tell you! As soon as i get home from school i run to my TV and watch my most recent games. Or even if I’m at school and we’re supposed to be “working” on the computers, I’ll come here or to my fave soccer website.(I’m doing it right now!)I buy all sorts of soccer magazines and watch every possible soccer news show on TV. Oh! And to top it off, I even know every single thing about my fave socer players’ personal life…. I can’t help it! It’s an addiction with no cure! And even if there were a cure, I wouldn’t take it! I LIVE FOR FUTBOL!

  17. chiva potosino says:

    i think maybe like wen i work all day but not eben there bcuz i work with all mexicans and we end up talking bout it and man soccer is just part of my everyday life

  18. CaroR says:

    10 seconds. i just came back from shooting in 31 degree weather since im hardcore like that ;D

  19. Pepe says:

    at the most 5 minutes

  20. Hatecrew says:

    Not long!! It really sucks for me when the FMF Season is over!! I turn like into a crack head…..I start to need it and want it real bad….I go into the extremes of watching Salvadorian Soccer on Gol TV!! When its the offseason during NFL season….its ok, because I could always watch my NFL Games. But when this season is over….just watch….I’m going to turn into futbol junkie. . Yes I am a crackhead of futbol! Just like Playmaker!! WHen I’m not on answers, I’m on,, listen to ESPN radio on my car and at work, then I go home and turn on Fox sports en Espanol!!!

  21. Davidnho says:

    When there’s no futbol anywhere (TV, internet, radio, news) I turn on my PS2, and I play FIFA, w eleven, or fifa street, until I can’t move my fingers and my eyes are all watery.

  22. Tunerito says:

    I AM ADDICTED. simple as that.

  23. babydiva says:

    Not very long ……. soccer is too important 2 me

  24. Josh G says:

    how long can you go without breathing? that’s how long I can go without futbol =D

  25. Czar says:

    I can go longer without a girl than soccer

  26. sergio83 says:

    I am addicted to it like being addicted to sexo.

  27. . says:

    Not very long! 1 day max? x

  28. Colin K says:

    Ten minutes…maybe

  29. 100% Potosino says:


  30. sgg says:

    Mmmmmmm not sure it’s usually always on my mind. And with Yahoo Answers it’s a lot less!

  31. Robin O says:

    well…not hearing about futbol, not even a day. When i go on the computer first sites i hit are my teams sites then this section…before e-mail, myspace, or anything. I hardly get school work done…i am looking up somthing for school then i decide…eehh what the heck, i need to see whats going on with my boys (guardado, memo, messi, etc). me and my friends always talk about soccer, we leave the house always late because we have to watch the chivas game…even if it is like 10 we will wait till 12 to go out…many late nights…many. lol


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